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About Us

AssetXray is a company brand under Borio Consultants

AssetXray is a boutique consultancy firm that injects client growth in 3 steps:

1) Evaluate Detailed Business Processes and Operational Challenges

  • We analyze your asset and reveal opportunity and solutions
  • We strive to understand your vision, goals, challenges, and pains
  • We recommend an insightful end to end business process

2) Inject our technical knowledge toward a strategy

  • We bridge your Asset (business) needs with latest technology
  • We Automate business processes to reduce overhead and inefficiencies
  • Reduce manual entry and increase employee effectiveness

3) Deliver a winning result

  • An easy and intuitive user experience
  • A website that exceeds goals, streamlines processes, and adds “best practice” business logic
  • Leverage your resources, existing technology, and integrate key software
  • Train your team on your new site and provide branded sales materials

Our clients:

  • Are existing business owners
  • Now want to improve their website beyond just being an online brochure
  • Agree that automation leverages against the competition
  • Have a winning attitude … because winning is FUN!

AssetXray Offers:

1) AssetXray Business Consulting:

  • We Xray your business to understand your pains, frustrations, complications, and uncertainties
  • We roll up our sleeves and dive deep into your business requirements to deliver your team needs, company goals, and leader’s vision

2) Website and Marketing Material:

  • Creative custom website design & development, website maintenance, newsletter design, brochure design, illustration, 2Danimations, graphics design, logo design

3) Search Engine Marketing:

  • Strategy is key, automation helps, but…. monthly manual efforts from our team is the key to getting your Asset to the top 10 on Google search results consistently
  • Affordable rate of course!